Monday, December 29, 2008

BOOK & BANDS...and Nerdfighters.

OK, just finished Paper Towns.

All I can say is WHOA. John Green, you are amazing. The characters wereLink easy to identify with, and the story was thoughtful and inspiring. The conversations that took place were incredible, and I never lost interest. I highly recommend this book. Five stars for Paper Towns! It's by far my favorite book by John Green.

Also, J.G. includes the AWESOME band The Mountain Goats. You can check out my personal favorite song by them here.

Also, I was in Barnes and Noble and heard a great song, so I asked the worker-dude, and he grabbed the CD entitled 'Perfect Symmetry' by Keane. After I got home, I went on Itunes and bought the entire CD. Keane is amazing. The band's songs have a pop feel, but are upbeat and some are a little rock. Great lyrics, too. (I enjoy making sense of the lyrics) I recommend Spiralling. Great dance-y song. :)

Also, I'm proud to be a nerdfighter.

WTHing? Check them out here:
(It's John and Hank Green) Yay!

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  1. Hey there Adrienne, this is Paige. My mom just sent me a link to this, pretty nice blog you have going. I must sadly admit I lack the sheer patience to keep an actively updated one myself so I am truly impressed by your ability to do so. It's been rather interesting at home the past few weeks with christmas arriving and the question of "What do we get your cousins?" being brought up, then the conversations afterwards explaining how you wanted the same very book I had just made demands for for myself. Then to see some of the music, movies and books you had listed and to find myself essentially viewing what appeared to be written by a younger version of myself. It's kind of creepy in this neat sort of way!

    And cool, as I found myself creating a blog to comment the internet decided to act against me and delete 2/3's of my previous comment. Wanted to say I really miss you and again that I had a really amazing time when I visited you guys (crazy, that was almost a year ago now) and would love to see you again sometime. Though seeing as how plane tickets are pretty pricey, I'll stick to reading this blog and say if you ever want to get in contact with me these forms are pretty good:
    Aim - zeeoldcatlady
    Msn -
    E-mail -
    Phone - Bug your parents for our number!

    I really hope to hear from you sometime, and I think I'll be using some of the books you recommended as future reading material. Also going to check out the bands you suggested that I didn't recognize since every one that you did mention that I knew I already have the cd of. I've never been tempted to make a mix cd but you've almost got me inspired to do so if only to introduce you to a few new bands.

    As a final note to this, check out Tamora Pierce as an author if you haven't yet. I think you might enjoy her books quite a bit (especially the series that begins with 4 books called "The Lioness Quartet") She was one of my favorite authors when I was your age and remains one of them even today. (And Gail Carlson Levine, I'm in love with quite a few of her books too!)