Sunday, January 25, 2009

Emails and Death Cab.

Hi all.

First off, I've decided to start up an e-mail list for anyone who's interested in being notified of the newest post. You can e-mail me at if you are interested, just tell me your name and email. I'll probably start sending notifications next weekend. So be sure to email me if you're interested! Thanks! Now on to the post...

So, everyone knows I'm a sucker for Death Cab For Cutie. One of the most popular alternative genre bands, Death Cab leaves me satisfied after every album released.

Most songs are calm and consist of sweet lyrics that are incredible and by far beat out all my other favorite lyrics in other songs.

Guaranteed to get stuck in your head, make you think, and all together make you press the 'repeat' button. All the CDs are amazing, though "Plans", is by far my favorite. With songs like "Crooked Teeth", "Marching Bands of Manhattan", and "I Will Follow You Into the Dark", you'll be taken away with the incredible imagery in every song, and a feeling of peace after listening.

On their newest CD, "Narrow Stairs" (shown above) the band features the hit song, "I Will Posses Your Heart" Which starts with an amazing intro., and also includes "Cath..." (Which is incredible live).

Also, the album cover is one of my favorites. :)

Happy listening! See y'all next weekend!

Peace, Love, Nerdfighters, and Twihards.

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