Friday, January 16, 2009

Quick- To the TVs!

Behold- the new band obsession of 2009! *raises CD into air* Huzzah!

So, what is the new band of the great new year?

Fleet Foxes!

On their new self titled album, Fleet Foxes, the band shows off their amazing talent in the indie genre with soft songs that are upbeat and nice. I've had several recommendations for this band, and after trying just one song, White Winter Hymnal I was officially hooked on the clever band. Intelligent songs and folk beats, I enjoyed the entire CD from start to finish. I highly recommend all the songs, but if some of you are still a tad sceptical, please try a few of my favorites. You can find them down at the bottom of the post. Thanks!

ALSO, you can catch them on Saturday Night Live (As in the January 17th Saturday) So tune in!

So, in the books category:
I only have a few more pages left in Harry Potter, which is great. But most of us who actually read this blog have already read it, so I'm not going to write a review...

I also plan to read The Otherworldlies, and feel free to join me in reading this, as well. You can never read to many great books. (Or, that is, I hope it's great- we shall see.) If you do read it at the same time as me, which should be in a few days, feel free to post your individual reviews under mine! That would be spectacular!

Also, I just discovered a new Podcast!
So it's called Indie Spotlight, but my favorite part is the Indie Spotlight: Rock and Alternative. It consists only of 30 seconds to a minute tid bits of songs that are popular in the Alternative and Rock section of Itunes. With mentions of some of my favorite bands just in the first episode, I quickly got the next free episode and listened to the samples of the great songs in the spotlight. I bought a few of the songs mentioned, and they were amazing. I highly enjoyed the podcast, and recommend it to anyone with access to Itunes. Plus, it's free. Hooray!

Here are the links to a few of the Fleet Foxes Songs I enjoyed:
Sun It Rises
Quiet Houses

Well, that's about it. I would appreciate help getting the word out, guys. That would be great! Looks like it's back to waiting for my CD (Hank Green's So Jokes) that STILL hasn't arrived. I may be back over the weekend, it depends...

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