Friday, January 23, 2009

The Return of ReinaDelCid.

Awhile ago- say, September? I was on Youtube, and I discovered this amazing musician, "ReinaDelCid" who has several songs, in which I listened to obsessively for a few days, but then, in an epic computer-history erasing, she was wiped clean from my Youtube account. Tragic, I know. So I desperately looked for her for a few days, hoping she'd turn up. I'd say back then, she'd had a following of maybe a few thousand. So I had an slim chance. Plus, to add on to the misery, I forgot her username. (Which resulted on me banging my head quite harshly on the desk.) I finally gave up and forgot about my run in with the videos that were constantly playing on my computer for those few great days.

Until now. (dun-dun-dun) I was lazily exploring Youtube (carefully avoiding explicit videos, thank you very much.) and I was staring at the boring slide show that shows what other poor shmucks on youtube were watching, and I saw the song title "Come Back Over" go through. And I was like- "WHOA! Ohmigosh!" (Obviously...) I quickly clicked on the picture of the 20 year old with the blue guitar and was led to watching
my ever so missed video (*music cue* Reunited and it feels so good...) and have been re-listening to all her songs since. So I'm fairly happy.

Anyways, I have linked a couple of her songs at the bottom of this post for your listening pleasure, and will have a new post up some time this weekend. (I recommend "Come Back Over" located above. It's my favorite.)

"Emily (I Need To Ask You)"

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