Saturday, March 14, 2009

Birthday Books, Music, and U2!

It's been awhile since I've posted, but I've saved up some great stuff for this post. So, here we go!

It's my birthday! Hooray! Anywho, back to the reviews.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins:

I'm sure several of you have already heard the great things* on Suzanne Collins' science-fiction adventure romance (oh, so many genres you could identify this with...), the Hunger Games. I was recently pulled into reading it after my book club decided on
researching it and checking out reviews. We searched site after site, blog after blog, and ended up finding that all the reviews published were raving about everything inside this book. It's won numerous awards for young adult literature, and, quite recently, a place in my nerdy, bookworm heart.
I'm not much into sci-fi, (I still haven't finished the Otherworldlies...) but as I flew through the pages of the Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins' never failed to remind me exactly why I love reading.
In the Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins' covers numerous topics as she creates a world so creepy, mysterious and vicious, you can't help but start whispering "Look out!" as you read. (Does anyone else do this? Or is it just me? Seriously- I did this. No joke.) The characters are all tough, since they are forced to supply food for themselves after they are placed with 23 others in a forest full of danger. And as I placed my book mark in my stopping place for the day (I didn't do this much, I finished reading it after staying up till 1 in the
morning reading two days in a row.) I was full of thought at what the main character, Katniss Everdeen, would venture into next.
I loved the Hunger Games, and- get this- it's the first book to a series! (Series? Really? More to come?! *cheers*)

*If you haven't read much about it, I'm probably not gonna say much about the plot, but here's a link to my favorite review that covers all of it.

On the music side of things, I've discovered Florence and the Machine. With only 2 singles
out, the band has racked up quite a following. After hearing "the Dog Days Are Over" on iTunes Indie Spotlight, I decided to check them out. Each single includes two songs full of vocals that will not let you go from their sweet, soulful rock'n'roll grasp. I really enjoyed the first single, so I decided that the band was by far worth my other 2 dollars, so I bought the other single, "Kiss With A Fist," which is so good, it kind of gives you a feel that you've been rocking out on a music-high for hours, and you're just getting started. Thoughtful, well-written lyrics complete my new love for the band, which I highly recommend, and will be listening to for a long time. Check 'em out. Now. It'll change your life.

Also, I'd just like to point out how Kelly Clarkson is currently holding the top spot on itunes for albums. Her newest, All I Ever Wanted, is above U2's (U2!!!) latest, No Line On the Horizon, which is odd, but that's just me. Leave your comments on the matter, if you want.

I leave you with this.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lots of Joy from "Little Joy"

You'll quickly get sucked into the constant beat and guaranteed-to-get-stuck-in-your-head three to four minute songs that are sweet and calm, but beware, Little Joy's easy listening is only part of it. The band, consisting of Los Angeles' Rodrigo Amarante, Binki Shapiro, and Fabrizio Moretti (of the Strokes), is sure to have you even more in love with the light, breezy feel of the sitting-around-the-bonfire guitar and the vocals you can sway to.

Other songs by other artists that you should try before the weekend and possibly pass on to others:

*Everything Turns to You- Lonely, Dear.
*Never Had Nobody Like You- M. Ward
*The Howling- the Phantom Band
*Xavia- the Submarines (Also check out the soundtrack to Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, this song is featured on it!)
*Sugar and Song- Thieves Like Us
*That's Not My Name- the Ting Tings
*Feel.Love.Thinking.Of.- Faunts